She's just like the weather, can't hold her together

Born from dark water, daughter of the rain and snow

3 December 1978
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I'm a small, vegetarian, pagan, librarian, witch, knitter, hand spinner, felt-maker, sometime writer, generally very happy and optimistic person with oodles of good vibes to hand out, so please have some.

I'm mainly on here because I ship the Doctor and River and spend entirely too much time thinking about them. I think Moffat has invented the greatest love story ever told. No kidding. I love writing them and their story has inspired creativity inside me that i didn't know was there.

I adore mythology, folklore and over-thinking things to a ridiculous degree. I like self-analysis and philosophising about life. I'm really interested in the nature of stories; how they mirror the journey we make in life, what the myths that keep repeating themselves throughout different cultures can tell us about ourselves. I'm very spiritually focused, and that colours my world-view a lot. I think Doctor Who is one of our modern myths and I apply all of the above to analysing the show.
This is mostly a fangirl journal, i don't post a lot of RL stuff here.

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